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The mission of Omicon Entertainment is to be among the world’s leading providers of global entertainment. Around the world – across language barriers, diverse customs and unique cultures – Omicon Entertainment aspires to bring together a unique entertainment experience. Using our experience, we seek to develop the most creative innovative and profitable entertainment experiences for all audiences.


Spice Up Your Next Event:

We boast the largest line of interactive products in the world and are first to market with event products that many of which are our own innovations. Whether you are responsible for corporate holiday planning, trade show booth ideas or product launch events or if you are throwing a social party, it can be an overwhelming job. No one wants to attend the same type of boring event they have already attended numerous times in the past. At Interactive Entertainment Group, you will find one of the best event/party planning companies with the most in-house unique party items, games and attractions in the world. Allowing you to really spice up your next event and make it something, everyone will remember for a long time to come. When it comes to your corporate or personal event, you want an events and entertainment company like Omicon Entertainment that can do it all.


An Interactive Experience:

The reason many corporate events seem so boring is they lack the element of interaction. When you hire a corporate event producer from us, you will receive close instruction to show you how to make the most of your next corporate event. As one of the top event planning companies, you can expect the attention to detail your event requires being a hit. The key to a successful event is to keep your audience entertained and involved. We offer many corporate event entertainment ideas that will help you really stand out, whether you want to give your employees a holiday party to remember or you are trying to stand out from the competition at a trade show or other event.

Comprehensive Planning and Follow Through:

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for trade show, corporate holiday party ideas or any other type of party or event help, our experienced  professionals will work with you from the earliest planning stages all the way through to completion. Unlike other events and entertainment companies, we do not stop once the planning stages are complete, leaving you to carry out the event on your own. You will also gain access to a corporate event producer who will help you carry out your event to its successful conclusion.

About Miss World

Miss World

Miss World is the oldest and largest international beauty pageant in the world. Miss World received international acclaim when it eliminated the swimsuit portion of the competition in 2014, choosing to focus instead on more progressive competitions designed to celebrate the many attributes of women around the world. Miss World is held annually with representatives from over 120 countries worldwide. The winner of Miss World is determined by accumulative scores of “fast track events”, which are designed to test the candidates’ fitness, talent, modeling skill, public speaking, social media interaction, and philanthropic endeavors. These fast track events include: Sports, Top Model, Talent, Multimedia, Interview, and Beauty with a Purpose.

Photos of the Miss World Crowning Moments

Stephanie Del Valle

Stephanie Del Valle

Reigning Miss World

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra

Miss World 2000

Megan Young

Megan Young

Miss World 2013

Rolene Strauss

Rolene Strauss

Miss World 2014

Mireia Lalaguna

Mireia Lalaguna

Miss World 2015

Agbani Darego

Agbani Darego

Miss World 2001

Phases of Competition


It is imperative that the woman chosen to represent the United States at Miss World possess strong communication and public speaking skills. Candidates will be judged on their ability to convey their opinions in a graceful and confident manner, speak articulately, and represent the organization and themselves with poise and intelligence. The interview process will be vigorous and could contain any or all of the following:

  • Debate
  • One-on-one interview with judges
  • Panel interview with judges
  • Media interview
  • Public speaking

Beauty with a Purpose

Candidates will be required to submit a video, essay, or presentation to the judges that details their philanthropic efforts. These “Beauty with a Purpose” projects are intended to encourage humanitarianism and inspire candidates to use their National Finalist titles to benefit others. Projects can be as small-scale as helping one person or as large-scale as advocating on behalf of an existing organization. Beauty with a Purpose is the core of Miss World and the intention of this category is to seek out the women who exemplify its values.


Miss World encourages women to commit to a healthy lifestyle. The Sports competition will present candidates with a series of physical fitness challenges. Past sports challenges have included: races, burpees, sit-ups, push-ups, rowing, squats, swimming, long jump, and more. The sports competition will include both team and individual challenges.


In today’s society, social media pervades every aspect of life. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have completely shifted the way we interact with one another. Candidates must illustrate a thorough understanding of all forms of social media. Style, elegance, and the knowledge of what interests people will be evaluated through the candidates’ social media posts in the months leading up to the National Final as well as a specific challenge during the National Final itself. The ability to interact with a fan base and promote the organization effectively will contribute to the candidate’s score in this unique competition.

Top Model

As a spokesperson for fashion brands across the country and a frequent subject in front of the camera, America’s Miss World must be graceful on the catwalk and poised in front of the camera. The Top Model competition is a favorite among Miss World fans and consists of a fashion show in front of a live audience and a photogenic contest. Top Model offers a chance for the contestants to showcase their modeling talent and personality.

Final Competition:

Once the top scores have been determined based on an accumulation of points from the preliminary challenges, the Top 20 candidates will be called to compete onstage during the National Final. The Top 20 will compete in fitness, modeling athletic wear provided for them to showcase their commitment to a healthy lifestyle. The candidates will then be narrowed down to a Top 10, who will compete in Top Model in their gowns of choice to showcase their confidence, poise, and style. The Top 10 will be narrowed to a Top 5, who will compete in onstage interview. During this final night of competition, the winners of challenge events and awards will be announced as well as the winner of America’s Miss World.


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